Seeing how much others love, that makes my heart beat the most.

Here’s the thing.

I want to capture the REAL you.


Hey you!

Here’s a lil bit of who I am.

So, my name’s Elizabeth Chamorro ( I know, I laugh at my last name too). I live in the very VERY sunny state of Florida, more specifically Miami. I’m originally from Cuba so you need to know beforehand that you are going to have a blast with me. I’m a lover of adventure, camping under the stars, running through wildflower fields, spending nights at the cabin, thrifting, watching The Office and of course, Friends. I can’t forget to mention that I adore plants even though they always die on on me— my biggest passion is for places unknown and feelings yet unfelt. This job gives me the opportunity to create ever lasting friendships that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to create, and I’m all for meeting new incredible people! I am a strong believer that moments both small and large can be captured and relived to tell a story that once was and always will be. To tell YOUR story that once was and always will be. I want you to be able to dust off these old pictures and albums that hold these memories for your kids and their kids one day, and STILL feel what it felt like that day.

We haven’t met yet, but I already know we’re going to become best-friends.


Do we sound like a good fit? Let's chat!

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